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Our First Lady

LADY katherine TOLER

Katherine Toler, an anointed bible scholar and prayer intercessor, attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, where she studied English Education.  Working diligently in the ministry under her grandfather, Apostle Thomas E. Woolfolk and grandmother, the late Mother Mildred S. Woolfolk, she developed a passion and love for the word of God and caring for God’s people.  After relocating to Baltimore to pursue her professional goals as an educator, Katherine obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from Goucher College.  In 2010, Lady Kat joined in holy matrimony and ministry with Pastor Shawn.  As a supportive wife, mother, well-respected educator, and co-founder of City of Refuge Ministries, Katherine is an inspiration and  mentor to  many women and children in the city of Baltimore and beyond.  She is committed to helping women, children, and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in God.  Katherine is most proud of her work in ministry as a wife and a mother. In 2019, Shawn felt compelled to answer the call of God to lead His people and founded The City of Refuge Ministries.  Shawn believes that he is called in this season to lead God’s people to develop authentic relationships with God, specifically desiring that they understand God’s love for them, grow in the knowledge of God, and feel free to worship in a safe place(Refuge).  Shawn believes that he has been called to build a “a city” of resources that will allow God’s people to use the word and faith in God to soar beyond what they could ask OR think. Shawn, a native Virginian, shares his vision, dreams, and accomplishments with his lovely wife and companion in ministry, Katherine and his beloved son, Nathaniel (Levi).  With his family as part of his ministry team, Shawn believes that he can accomplish all God has called him to achieve.

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